Rose City FM News 01-01-2019
Introduction of Rose City Fm 

Station News 31-12-2018

May 2017

Current Managment Committee

 The following Office Bearers were voted in at the AGM held on the 14 th May , 2018

President:  John Moulder
Vice President: Bryan Pask
Secretary:  Julie Parris
Treasurer:  Maggie Stokes


UPS Installation
Today, 5 x uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS) systems were installed at Rainbow FM.
The only systems not covered by the UPS systems are air-conditioners and the actual transmitter (which would take a huge UPS system to run it) and the lighting.

This will give us some protection with power cuts and spikes and at least some protection in the case of a lightning strike.

The UPS systems will keep equipment running for at least 10 minutes, possibly 20 minutes in the case of a power outage and a controlled shutdown when the battery power is nearing exhaustion.
It gives us that time to get the generator running without risking the equipment with spikes and sudden dropouts of power which can damage computer systems.

22 June 2017

The Upgrade !

Rainbow FM was fortunate in getting a Grant to buy a new piece of equipment called a "T-COM BCL406". Just under $10k and it replaces the old Compressor/Limiter and Stereo Encoder which we had to get repaired recently.
What does the BCL406 do ? 
What =doesn't= it do !
It takes the studio audio output and processes the signal so that we get maximum loudness without overdoing it, it compresses, widens, pulls, pushes, squeezes, stretches, delossifies, reduces distortion, removes clipping, and lots of other stuff. 
It is like, WOW!
It also includes a link via the Internet to a streaming service so we can have more people listening and have it at a higher quality and higher reliability along with less latency (delay between transmission and reception).
Overall, we can look at the Station's transmitted signal and make small changes to improve things as well as to make sure everything is working properly as it monitors and analyses the transmitted signal. We can even do that from remote !

Photos to come :)

December 2015

The BIG storm !
There was a BIG storm on the 29th November 2015 that quite literally roared through Warwick causing significant destruction.
Rainbow FM was not spared either as it bought down the antenna when a tree crashed down over one of the Guy Wires !
 In technical terms, we were -9Db, or in standard talk, 1/8th of our usual output power.
Our normal transmissions are at 2000 Watts (ERP) and were transmitting at 250W on our standby antenna and transmitter until it was all repaired.
It took a while but with Bellingham's Cranes and Comtel help, it is all back up again.
Installing the repaired Mast - March 2016

2000Watts Effective Radiated Power (ERP)
Back up and running 100%

All this after the big storm on May 1st 2015 - what a year !

Community News & Announcements
Are you a member of a not-for-profit or volunteer run group on the Southern Downs ?
We can promote your group on our 'Community Notice' spots every day here on Rainbow FM.
Give us a call on 4661-8989 for more information,
or Fax the information through on 4661 9984,
or email us the information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">,
or drop an information flyer in to us at 20 Willi Street, Warwick, QLD.
We would love to help promote you !
Please note that the event details need to be in writing - if you are part of an established group, it needs to be as a flyer or on a letterhead page.

Studio 2 rebuild underway
Friday 01-02-2019 we commenced installing the new desk and equipment.

Studio 2 rebuild underway
Friday 01-02-2019 we commenced installing the new desk and equipment.

Studio 2 rebuild underway